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The Next Next Adventure

After a stretch of radio-silence, I'm ready to get back into writing again. We're settled in after a very busy second half of the year. The JavaScript Capital of the World We wanted to live in San Francisco but the reality of that just wasn't possible. We did end up

The Next Adventure

The past 4 years here in Indianapolis have been wonderful and a time of growth for me. I have many happy memories as I look back at our time here. But, it is time for us to move on. This summer my family and I will be moving to San

The Creation of My New Blog

The World of WordPress About a year and a half ago I made the switch from Posterous to a WordPress for my blog. I figured that I might as well learn how to use the 800 pound gorilla in the room. For the most part, things went well considering that

New Year, New Job, New Stuff!

Motivation can be a funny thing. Sometimes you have it when you don’t have time for it. Other times it’s nowhere to be found when you are desperately seeking it. My motivation for blogging has waxed and waned other the last year, as probably is apparent by all

Cutting the Cable – Life after Comcast

Like most American’s, our family had cable TV, Comcast in our area. And it was good, just expensive. Having 2 TVs, HD service, and a DVR really adds up. Throw in the sports package to be able to watch NFL Network in the fall and we’re talking a