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A Pattern for Connecting to MongoDB in an Express App

A common question I've seen on StackOverflow asks for the best way to open a connection to MongoDB when starting up your Express app. Folks generally don't care for just putting all of the Express setup in the callback of the MongoDB connect call, but it seems to be the

Getting Started With MongoDB and C# Revisited

A few years ago I wrote about using the MongoDB driver in C#. Its been one of my most popular posts and it really needs an update! Since 2011, the 10gen driver has become the standard. Its been getting updated on a regular basis with features that bring it inline

The Creation of My New Blog

The World of WordPress About a year and a half ago I made the switch from Posterous to a WordPress for my blog. I figured that I might as well learn how to use the 800 pound gorilla in the room. For the most part, things went well considering that

Getting Started With MongoDB and the 10gen C# Driver

While most of this article still applies to the current version of the C# driver, I have written an updated version: Getting Started With MongoDB and C# Revisited My main goals are to setup MongoDB for small scale applications that aren’t going to scale up to lots of users

MongoDB and scaling down?

I’ve been reading up on MongoDB. I picked up MongoDB: The Definitive Guide. It’s not a bad reference to have. I’m actually surprised how thin it is, yet it answered just about every question I had. It covered everything I wanted to know in getting started with